Tuesday, January 17, 2012

We made it to Lusaka!!!

It was a very long flight. People here are very nice and taxi drivers drive pretty darn quick.  We are stay at an orphanage called Cheshire House.  There are children with disabilities here, a school, gym and physiotherapist. It is located on a beautiful compound.  It has already rained a lot but it is nice because of how hot and humid it is.  We spent our morning playing with the kids and they really liked bubbles. So far we feel exited and a little overwhelmed with the culture shock, although it will be a lot different in Mongu than Lusaka.  We will be leaving tomorrow (wed) for Mongu on an 11 hour bus ride and cannot wait for what it is to come!
Julet, Amanda, Amy, Denee

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  1. Hey Eveyone Hope It Is Going Well And If You Could Send My Love To Susie Willerth That Would Be Awesome Tell Her To Not Drink the Frog Nog There Its Probably Real Lol... She Will Know What It Means ;) Once Again Take Care Good Luck And Please Tell Susie My Message =)