Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Beginning of our journey!

Matozi to our friends and family back home! For those of you who dont know what that means it means Good Afternoon in Lozi! we started working at the hospital this week and if it didnt seem real before it sure does now!! Its been a longgg three days working on peds/physio (Kiran) and OPD/ER (Sonam) in the heat an with moments of no electricity. If you think it is hot back home in the summer try being here during the raining season, which apparently is suppose to be cooler... let me tell you it is definitely not cooler. The past few nights have been boiling hot where we have woken up in a sweat, and I dont think we will ever get used to it. On that note there are also alot of bugs here some of which we dont have back home which makes it even creepier. Although we miss everyone back home we will have to say were still not home sick yet, probably because we have already been living on our own for awhile now. Another reason why we might not feel home sick yet is because Africa reminds us alot of India, the dirt roads, mini grocery staals on the sides of the road, friendly people, and dont forget the very distinguished smell. Looking forward to our Safari this weekend and the next few weeks in the hospital or outreach clinics. We will blog as soon as we can again. See you in March :)

-Kiran and Sonam :) (Diaries from Zambia)

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