Monday, January 23, 2012

Pineapple pickers

Hello everybody! We have made it into mongu on a very long bus ride from Lusaka. We were fortunate enough to see some wild life on the way. We were all very excited to see zebras, warthogs and monkeys. Our place in mongu is very nice. The cold showers take a few times to get use to. So far we have met some really nice people here. Everyone from mongu is extremely nice and friendly. No one hesitates to ask how the makuwa's are several times as we walk through town. It is interesting to go to the store and only have a select few fruits and vegtables available to us. We have to put a little more thought into what we are eating and be a bit more creative with our meals. We ate nshima for he first time today, its a traditional african food and it was delicious. We are now spending time at mutoya camp on the other side of town. They run a program called the Village of Hope. At their camp there are fresh pineapples to pick.. Yum! Here we are helping at a clinic and also teaching a class on community health development. Its going well so far. Even better when we have a translator with us. We are seeing patients and diagnosing their illness and giving them the appropriate medications. We go to a safari this weekend in Kafue National Park which we are all looking forward to! Missing everyone back home! love Randi, Steph, Michelle and Cara

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