Friday, January 15, 2010

Who we are!

We are a group of 4th year UBC-O Nursing students who will be travelling to Zambia leaving on January 28th, 2010. We will be guided by two extremely experienced Registerd Nurses, both of whom are inspirations to all of us. We will be on African soil for 7 weeks during which time we will all be taking part in many new and very exciting opportunites. We are committed to each other and to all that is ahead of us. Although none of us are exactly sure what this trip will bring, we are all extremely eager and thrilled to begin. Soon ahead of us, we will be taking part in immense learning, many new relationships, and more growth than we could ever imagine.


  1. Way to go guys. Looking forward to reading many entries (and pictures?)over the next couple of months.

  2. I am so excited for you, I am hoping to walk on African soil, maybe one day I too can travel there to help where help is needed. Looking forward to all your posts. Hugs & Love to you LW

  3. So good to hear from Mamie...aka..Mary and that you have all arrived in Zambia safely. I am sure that you have already been taken back from your first hospital visit. Full speed ahead nurses!!!!! Lisa