Monday, January 23, 2012

Greetings from Mongu!

We have been in Zambia for just over a week now and in  Mongu for 5 nights. I think I am finally over my jet leg and sleeping through the night! It is so beautiful here. I don't know what the image in my mind was but this is 10x better. The thing I notice most is how quiet and peaceful it can be. Everyone is so friendly and willing to greet and welcome eachother on the street whether they have known them for years or have never seen eachother before. I learned my leason quick that the correct response to how are you is not good but fine after a group of children continually laughed at me for my mistake. Our accomadations are wonderful, Fay and Jess say we are spoiled and I most definitely agree. I won't lie, I miss my iphone and ease of technology at home. The first day I kept reaching in my pocket for my phone and each time I was disappointed. We started clinical today which was extremely exciting but  also very nerve racking. The culture, rituals and healthcare is so abstact to what I know that I feared I would not be able to make an impact. The day was great though, three babies were born on the maternity ward and all were happy and healthy! I look forward to seeing how everything works out and I have great confidence it will be an adventure of a life time! I can't wait to see how the rest of the trip unfolds and I will try to keep you all updated!

Miss you all at home! I hear it has been snowing.... I guess telling you that its been hot and sunny almost everyday doesn't help. Sending you sunshine and happy thoughts!


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