Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Africa at First Glance

     It’s been just over one week since I’ve hit African soil. We spent two nights in Lusaka at the Cheshire Homes, then made our way to Mongu on the 18th where our accommodations are beautiful. The sun is out shinning everyday which may make some of you back home a little jealous as I hear it’s been well below zero and lots of snow! Everyone (literally every person we pass by) is so welcoming and friendly and you are always greeted. I go to sleep hearing “Makuwa, how are you?!” because a minute does not go by when we aren’t hearing children say this as they’re running down the street after us. The sense of community and family is vibrant.
    I’m currently in the middle of my first week at the hospital. I am placed on maternity at present and happy that I am in my area of comfort for the first week. Although it’s only been a few days I’ve had many great experiences. I’ve had the opportunity to be a part of multiple deliveries each day, learn from the midwives and doctors, and experience the variation in healthcare. Although there are areas here that lack resources and technology that we have become so accustom to in Canada, the staff does incredible work with what they do have available. The patients I have worked with are gracious, appreciative and resilient.
   This Friday we leave for a two night Safari which I am very excited for! It’s about a 4 hour commute each way, but we will each have our own seat on the bus which will be nice for a change! Upon arrival to Zambia, we quickly learned that we don’t put as many people in a car as there are seatbelts, but rather as many as you can possible stack on top of each other. Good thing none of us have personal bubble issues!
    That’s all for now, hope all is going well back home! Sending all my love from Mongu to my friends and family:)


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