Friday, February 4, 2011

The Adventure Begins

After meeting up with the rest of the gang in London we all flew in to Lusaka landing around 6:45am on February 3rd. As we staggered off the plane our eyes needed to adjust to the bright sun. The temperature was already at 20 degrees Celsius and it was a little bit muggy with some clouds in the sky. As we waited in line for our visa we all rehearsed our stories. “We are nurses from Canada going to VOLUNTEER in Mongu and we need a BUSINESS visa.” After gathering our bags we were greeted by Fay, Jessica, Mary, and Benjamin (our driver). We loaded the back of the truck with all of our bags making room at the back for ourselves. Picture a truck filled 50 pieces of luggage (hockey bags to backpacks) and 15 white girls going down the road. Many heads turned to see this sight and waved. Feeling like celebrities we all waved back.

About midway into our journey the roar of the truck engine died and we coasted to the side of the road. As Benjamin attempted to start the truck only the whine of the engine could be heard. Our experienced leaders showed no panic as they smiled and welcomed us to Africa. Eventually the truck started and engulfed Fay, Jessica, and Mary in black fumes.

We carried on our way to Chesire Home. This is where we will be residing for a week and a bit. We were greeted by the nuns and shown to our dorm. We made ourselves at home in the cute little room with 15 beds and a bathroom with 2 showers. From there we were left to explore. Traveling in groups we hit up the nearest ATM, food establishment, and grocery store. As some of us napped others went outside to play with the children that attended the school in the complex.

We took short taxi ride to an Irish Pub for dinner. The food was fabulous! A few dishes that we had were shepherd’s pie, fish and chips, burgers, and potato jacket. During dinner we all picked the brains of Fay, Mary, and Jessica asking questions of what we should expect for the next couple of weeks. Full and tired we headed back to our place. With a hospital tour scheduled for tomorrow, we all got ready to bed. We all finicked and fiddled with our bed bug sheets and mosquito nets and eventually got settled in so that Fay, Jess, and Mary could come tuck us in.

- Gabby

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  1. We are so happy that you are getting the once in a lifetime experience that you deserve! We don't tell you enough how proud of you we are and how blessed we are to be able to call you a daughter, a lil' sis, and a big sis to me!!! Hope God continues to work through you, our thoughts and prayers are with you!!! Love you.