Saturday, February 26, 2011

Birthday in Zambia

Last Monday was an extremely special day as I celebrated my 22nd birthday with an amazing bunch of girls. After saying to the girls that I just wanted to have a low key night after such an adventurous safari, they all still surprised me anyways. Lynnelle, our master chef, somehow concocted a teriyaki stirfry…my fav… with our limited resources as the market is not stocked until Tuesday or Wednesday. It was a challenge I say with the power going out in the beginning every few minutes. We had a few scares but it always came back on. Our back up plan was to use the propane stove which we set by the open door while keeping the propane tank outside. As she cooked in the kitchen I got to be in charge of the IPod and played all my favourite songs. We danced and singed and just had a great time. All the while I was in the kitchen some of the other girls decorated the dining area. With a lovely construction paper place mat and crown I was set at the head of the table. On the light fixtures they hung balloons and when they ran out they blew up medical gloves. It was definitely a nurse’s bday.

I guess my biggest surprise came when Jessana came in saying “who is your best friend?” with a bag of flour in her arms. She was met with puzzled stares from everyone in the kitchen. Apparently the girls wanted to surprise me with FLOWERS but with shotty cell service and the message being passed between four people I ended up with some lovely white flour with flowers drawn on with a sharpie. It was quite priceless.

Fay, Mary and Jessica all joined us for dinner as we devoured Lynnelle’s cooking. And for dessert the girls also managed to get the icecream home before melting which was quite a miracle. All in all it was a fabulous evening as we ended off the evening watching another episode of glee.

Thanks everyone!

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