Thursday, February 17, 2011

Zambian Baptism

Have you ever been in an African rain storm?

We have had them almost every afternoon since we arrived in Mongu. Usually there is so much lightening we are worried about our power going out, but last Sunday night we embraced it.
As soon as we saw the penny sized raindrops falling down we ran outside! A good 15 minutes was spent in child-like play- cooling down and soaking up the rain. Within minutes our hair was soaking and puddles had formed...oh what fun it was!
We went back inside and proceeded to make a mess of the floors- but we didn't care. Floors can be cleaned. Hair can be dried. Clothes can be rung. We didn't care because our souls were rejuvenated!

Needless to say- no one felt the need to take showers this morning :)

Love Jessana


  1. Loved this!!! I can just see you all "singing in the rain". Here back home in Vancouver - we have had enough of this stuff. Maybe we should trying dancing in it. It might help our souls!!! Enjoy your safari. Love from Nannie XXX OOO

  2. What fun dancing and playing in the rain. Your description was so vivid that I felt like i was there too. What wonderful times. Memories for a lifetime!!