Sunday, January 30, 2011

Almost gone...........

We are just about gone! Yippee!

Most of the group has already flown over the ocean. There are only a few of us left packing the remainder of our belongings into already overstuffed bags. It is amazing how much stuff a person thinks they need, even more amazing how much a person can shove into a bag when it is already full!

Some of the group decided to take a few days in London before heading on to Zambia- I've heard from them that they are tired and cold but safely in London and enjoying the adventure so far. There are 6 of us left in Canada and we have gone from counting the days to counting the hours until take off....we're at 48 exactly in case you were wondering. Tomorrow we brave the drive to Vancouver- sure hope the roads are good!

Someone asked me what we packed in our big bags for Zambia- the question is what did we NOT pack! Seriously, we packed enough stuff to supply a small orphanage and hospital! Some major things I remember are:

-baby hats and blankets
-toys and art supplies
-wound dressing supplies
-suction tubing and neonatal resuscitation equipment
-glucometer testing strips and readers (to check blood sugar levels)
-textbooks and other teaching materials

It was really fun to pack and at times we were overwhelmed at the generosity of everyone who donated stuff for us to take! A HUGE THANK YOU to everyone who gave!

And now we just wait for our plane to take off...with us in it of course! Then we will meet our fellow students in the London airport from which we will take off to Lusaka together. Fay, Jess and Mary are waiting for us there- last I heard they were even going to go grocery shopping for us ahead of time- oh the service we get from them :)

Looking forward to this great adventure!


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  1. Alright ladies, now that you're in Real Africa and not just having a grand old time paying to use the loo in England, I'd like to remind you of something very important. Actually, this message is only for Leah. The rest of you can just remind her so she doesn't forget.

    Should there arise a situtaion in which a hard decision has to be made -- be it a ferocious lion, a charging elephant, a lovesick local who wants a nurse bride -- Leah: SAVE YOURSELF!! Do NOT be a hero!! I need you the most. Remember -- all you have to do is run faster than your slowest classmate!!

    Juuuust kidding you guys!! There's no need for that. The sick people you're taking care of will be slower than ALL of you!! Yay!!!! ;D

    Okay, good luck! Don't forget - wear your sunscreen and reapply it regularly.

    xoxo DANA