Sunday, April 3, 2016

Where there is love, there is life.

We would first like to thank the amazing staff members from the Czech Republic for their time and patience. They are always keen in including us in rounds, using our critical thinking and overall increasing our confidence in postnatal and neonatal care.
Throughout the course of the week we were able to revise some informative materials throughout the ward, and put resources to use throughout the hospital. We hope the information we shared with the students and staff on the ward will continue to strengthen their practice and be sustainable for the years to come. 

We would also like to add that after long hard hours we all spent fundraising, it was amazing to see the money put to good use in practice. Brand new curtains on the postnatal ward were installed, so the mothers could have some privacy. We were informed due to these curtains, it has been noticed that the health professionals on the ward have more "pep in their step," carry more pride, and keep the ward cleaner on a daily basis. 

Finally, it was truly amazing to see the resilient mothers who delivered healthy babies, in and out of the post natal ward within 6 hours or less. 

Flight to Zambia- $2,400
Bus from Lusaka to Mongu- $15
Taxi to Lewanika General Hospital- $3
Scrubs- $40
The look a mother gives her newborn child- Priceless 

-Steph, Taylor & Rayane

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