Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Loving L&D!

This week in clinical was what I was most excited for, labour and delivery! I was joined by Zambian nursing students and midwifery students and the births I was able to assist with were absolutely thrilling. While in labour, most of the Zambian women remain very quiet and stoic, compared to Canadian women who are encouraged to express their emotions. I was told by one of the midwifery students that this is because Zambian women are told that if they scream it is not good for the baby. I did many newborn and mama assessments, and on my last day I was able to assist the midwife even more during the birthing process. I have incredible respect for the strength of the women here, especially those who are my age giving birth! 

I also had the opportunity this week to spend a day at the Save A Life centre, another placement I was very excited for. The day was spent doing home visits and checking up on the children. I was fortunate enough to be invited into a family's home and really see how the people of Mongu live. The staff at Save A Life were so welcoming, and I was able to sit in with a doctor and diagnose and treat some patients! It was an amazing learning experience. 

Much love from Mongu,

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