Saturday, April 9, 2016

Goodbye Mongu, Hello New Adventures

After 4 short weeks the Lumbe house became our (Robin, Taylor, Hayley, Montana, Hailey and Steph) second home. We spent our last week in Mongu on the Peds ward hanging mosquito nets above every child's bed, out in various rural clinics seeing patients who didn't have the means to get to LGH, in the OR theater watching various successful procedures and in the NICU with our fellow Zambian nurses and Czech Republic doctors.

The Lumbe house fostered a place for us to laugh until we cried, practice our dance moves and eat copious amounts of pickles. We are all sad to say goodbye to our new found Zam Fam, but excited at the same time to start our new journeys as part of the 2016 UBCO BSN graduating class.

Sincerely with love
The Lumbe House

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