Saturday, April 9, 2016

Last week as student nurses at Save a Life Centre.

For our final week of practicum, we were placed at the Save a Life centre. This facility runs a feeding program for malnourished children as well as a community clinic. The compound also holds the Village of Hope, which includes a school and orphanage.

The first day we accompanied Community Health Workers on home visits. Jamie visited homes along the harbour and Julianne visited homes further inland.  During these visits we checked up on children who were enrolled in the feeding program to assess hygiene, living conditions, and the physical health of the child. We were both thankful for the opportunity to see and better understand the way of life for families in Mongu.
Jamie providing teaching on STIs
The last two days we alternated working in the malnutrition centre and the community clinic. At the malnutrition centre we assisted the staff in weighing children and babies, distributing nutritious food, and teaching caregivers about STIs. Each week the caregivers are offered education on different health topics. We were pleased to see that the majority of children who came in were slowly and steadily putting on weight. We could see what a great resource the centre was to the community and what a difference it has made to many families.

Village of Hope community clinic
In the clinic, we spent the majority of the day testing, diagnosing and prescribing medications for patients (mostly children) who came in with malaria. We saw a wide variety of symptoms, from patients appearing almost healthy to looking feverish and nearly unable to stand. We also worked closely with the doctor on site to assess and treat patients with other complaints. Although the clinic had limited resources, it was well organized and provided effective care.

Julianne in the screening room where we cared for patients with malaria

Staff members from Save a Life Centre
 It's hard to believe that this was our last clinical placement ever. It was eye-opening, enjoyable, and offered us unique learning opportunities. We had an amazing experience in Mongu and are now looking forward to beginning our careers as Registered Nurses.

Jamie and Julianne

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