Sunday, March 13, 2016

Under the mango tree

Today all 22 of us sat under a mango tree here at Liseli Lodge and talked about the common illnesses we'll be seeing during our practicum in Lewanika Hospital and the community. As the tree was sheltering us from the sun and heat I realized that so far my time in Zambia has felt like being under a mango tree.

So far I've been sheltered from many of the realities of life in Mongu. I have mostly stayed in my bubble of Canadian nursing students, and haven't interacted a lot with the Mongu population. But this is all going to change over the next few days. We've received our general schedules, and starting Monday and Tuesday we'll be splitting up into groups of 2-4. Some of us will be working in Lewanika Hospital, some in the community, and some will be going on a rural outreach program.

It feels safe under the mango tree. There is no uncertainty, no fear. But it also cuts me off from the rest of the world and the experiences to be had. Although it can be scary to leave the shelter of these branches, I'm excited to walk out into the sun.


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  1. I'm sure you are not alone with the "uncertainty" you feel is beyond the mango tree. That said, you and your colleagues have worked very hard for many years for this exact moment! Well done!
    Wishing you the very best as you step out from the "shelter" of the tree.