Sunday, March 13, 2016


Greetings from Zambia!

We have now spent two days in Mongu. All of us are getting settled on the beautiful compound, Liseli Lodge. We can't believe it took 34 hours of air travel plus a 10 hour bus ride to get here! Travel went smoothly for all of us and we had a wonderful time staying in Lusaka trying to get our sleep schedules on track. Lusaka was so lush and green, what an amazing place to rest for our upcoming adventure. We were able to stock up on supplies, and after a hectic bus station experience we were on our way. We had a lovely bus ride going through the Kafue National Park and were able to see impalas and even a warthog!

The bus ride provided us with opportunities to see the different environments people live in across Zambia. It really provided perspective on what we learned in Global Health class, tying together the relationship between living conditions and health outcomes. Everyone has been so friendly and kind, we feel like we have been welcomed to Mongu. We have had a tour of the Save a Life centre and even had an opportunity to grab some groceries at the brand new ShopRite.

We now know where we will be working in the next couple weeks and are excited to experience diversity in the various healthcare settings. This morning we did a peer teaching group under a mango tree, learning about common tropical illness that we will encounter during this practicum. This was a great opportunity to learn from each other and get prepared for the upcoming weeks. We are so looking forward to beginning our journey as soon-to-be-nurses here in Zambia!

Until next time,

Jamie, Sydney, Dana, and Michelle

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  1. You've certainly packed a lot into one week. Thank you for sharing the details of your travel. It helps to better understand how far away you are and just how big the world is.
    It's good that you're settled in, that you've been oriented to the community, and that you now have your work schedules. I wish you all the very best, and I look forward to your Blog updates.
    Hugs from Michelle's Mom