Sunday, March 20, 2016

A week in Labour and Delivery at Lewanika General Hospital

The women here are the most resilient and strong women we have ever seen. After spending the week in the hot delivery room, it was evident of the strength of these people. On the labour/antenatal ward, you walk in and hardly hear a peep. Labour is done in a stoic silence. After labouring for hours, they give birth with no pain management. The babies are wrapped in the mothers blankets that were brought it by her. Almost immediately after the birth process is complete, the new mother gets up, dresses, and walks herself across the ward. Having had experience in a Canadian maternity ward and seeing all the luxuries and pain control given, it was incredible to witness a different kind of strength. We noticed that the antenatal (prenatal)  care in the community was effective. All the mothers came prepared with all the necessary supplies including clean towels, blankets, baby clothes, birthing sheet, pads, hydration/food, laundry bins and clothes for the mother. The staff on this ward know their stuff and are resourceful to provide adequate and clean care with what they have. It's incredible how many births they conduct in such a short amount of time and in such a hot environment. They were awesome teachers and open to many of the suggestions we had. We thank the ward for their support and commend them on their hard work and commitment. 


Hailey Parr and Jamie Towert

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