Sunday, March 13, 2016

Hello from Lumbe!

Hello from the Lumbe house (Hailey, Montana, Hayley, Robin, Stephanie & Taylor). We have arrived in Mongu. On arrival, we started to settle in after eating a wonderful dinner prepared for us by the house mom at Liseli Lodge. We had an eventful night chasing spiders and soon realized we would lose that battle. We are now accustomed to sharing our home with our eight legged friends. After a great ten hour recovery sleep in our new home, we all woke up in time to watch the sunrise.

Our first day in Mongu was spent touring the grounds at the Save A Life centre, which is a clinic for malnourished children, and also has a school, an orphanage and triage clinic on site. We were able to purchase some beautiful handmade jewelry & bags made by Hope Art. We then spent the afternoon learning to barter with our cab drivers, navigate the new grocery store Shoprite, and shop at the Chitenge Tree for our new Chitenge's  (An African fabric worn similar to a sarong).

We finished our evening off cooking our first dinner as a household (in and out of power) and eating our dinner with our headlamps.

We're adjusting well so far and are enjoying the heat. We received our placements and are excited to go on the Lewinika hospital tour on Monday and start clinical on Tuesday.

We look forward to what's ahead.

Your Lumbe family

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  1. Wonderful start to a great adventure!
    Thank you for sharing your experiences and photos!
    Wishing you the very best with the work you'll be doing there!