Monday, March 28, 2016

Our day in L&D

 This week we were in labour and delivery and there really are no words to describe what we experienced in comparison to what we have seen in Canada during our practice. It's crazy how the differences in practices can vary so much between different individuals both in the same country and abroad.
 Although we can't specify, during one of our days in labour and delivery all three of us had to leave the room as we were so uncomfortable with what we were witnessing. The situation lead to the baby not breathing and requiring resuscitation. We went back in the room and jumped into action and after the longest 4 minutes of our lives baby started crying. So did we. 
This situation really made us reflect on the standards we hold back home and how we react as a nurse and the boundaries that we are comfortable with in Canada. In Canada we are trained so much to advocate for our patients however, in this situation we experienced the biggest difficulty was to advocate for the patient.
At the end of the day we had all been in tears and had broken down, debriefed with our professor and supported each other throughout.  Although this day was not one we had hoped to witness we all noted it will greatly impact our nursing practices as we progress through our careers. This experience was not ideal however we returned to the ward the next day and ended up having an opposite experience involving incredible midwifery care.

By Jasmine, Rayane, and Taylor

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