Monday, February 20, 2012

Times up!

I can't believe the end is here. It feels like just yesterday we were arriving in Mongu, eager to see what was to come.  I feel as though we were just getting comfortable in our practice here so it's sad that it's over for now. Each week came with its challenges and frustrations but in reflecting upon them I feel they only made me further understand the importance of doing the best you can as a nurse. No matter where you may be the hospital, a clinic, or a tree taking the time to look and really asses each patient is as important as giving them the medication that is ordered.When you ask the right questions and make it your responsibility to provide the best care for each patient, you can advocate for them especially when they can not do it for themselves. I believe it is our duty as nurses to do this, and if I was to share anything about what i have learned here to nurses and aspiring nurses out there it would be the importance of Advocating for your patients.
Toni B

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