Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Ready, set, oh no!

Well here we end our week at mukombi. Our first day started off with a bang as we missed our bus (thought it left at 8 not 720!) and then spent 20 min chasing it in our taxi. When we finally accepted that we weren't going to catch it we turned around only to find a different bus going in our direction. Exceptionally lucky for us this bus didn't charge us! Relieved and on the bus, we could finally relax knowing we were going to make it. That was until we met up with our other bus as a tree obstructed the road! It felt like we were never going to get to mukambi. However our bus in shining armor carried on. And went around our original bus and around the tree and we were back on track. Once we arrived back at mukambi we dove straight into our especially comfortable beds and waited for lunch. We had made it! Monday we went to see the nurse and headmaster in Chunga to arrange our week. Next we went to the Mukambi school to talk to the headmaster about teaching at his school also. Everyone was very receptive to us coming to teach and test. Tues we taught HIV and safe sex education for 12-15 year olds then hygiene and malaria education for grades 2-4, wednesday taught woman's health in the morning to the community women. When we arrived at 8 no one was there. At 9 the head master sent every child in the school (about 40)down to get there mothers and they werent allowed to come back with out them. After that we had about 30 mothers attend our session. In the afternoon we went to Chunga, a near by compound, where we taught HIV and AIDS education to grade 9s. Thursday we did HIV testing in Chunga and Friday children's HIV testing in MuKambi. It was a very busy week! We also watched the Ghana vs Zambia soccer game on Wednesday. What an experience that was. With a 1-0 win over Ghana and our fellow students working in Ghana we couldn't help but to be proud of our fellow Zambian team! Our time here has been amazing. Anywhere from the food to the animals, we have enjoyed every bit of our experience at Mukambi Lodge. Mongu this week for the final week where has the time gone. Missing everyone from home Brit and Amy

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