Monday, February 20, 2012

just another week in mongu!

We wrote this post last week but has a little trouble with the internet so are only putting it up now, anyway enjoy!

Michelle and I were together again this week on the male ward. This ward consists of anyone who is male and over the age of 16. Needless to say we saw a lot of varying illnesses and disease. The week was a good one and we both learned so much. It was a big change from maternity and all of the cute babies. We tried to dedicate our time to a few of the patients each day as the nursing students were focusing on their practical exam. In doing this we hope that we were able to make a small difference for at least a few of the patients that needed it most. There was one man in particular who we spent some time with where we really had to get out or comfort zone to provide care. Although it was hard for us at times, it was worth it to know that we did everything that we were able to. Other than that, we were able to do rounds with the doctors which was a great learning experience every time! We got to see many things that neither of us had ever seen before and may never see again. I enjoyed my time on the male ward, it was challenging but think it was nice to have to use a lot of the skills that we know the best.

While not at the hospital, we have spent our days tanning, playing cards, reading and even spending time at the local restaurants. We got to experience our first Zambian concert, Maki 2, which was a great time... the people here really know how to show you a good time! Another exciting thing this week was Zambia vs. Ivory Coast in the Africa Cup of Nations. It was so nice to see the excitement in the people and their pride in the country they live in. It was like the olympics all over again, and the best part is that they won!

This week I am on the post-natal ward taking care of more babies and Michelle is enjoying her time at ART (HIV clinic). Its crazy to think that we will be leaving so soon, we have really just started to settle in. We are excited for what our last week has to bring and are getting even more excited to spend some time in Livingstone soon. I think we can both agree that we are going to miss this place!

Write soon,
Cara and Michelle

P.S. Happy Belated Valentines Day!

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