Monday, February 20, 2012

The Last Supper

I feel like we have done more on our last week here than we did throughout the entire trip.  We made a bucket list last weekend of things that needed to be done before we leave- most of if seemed out of reach but we managed to finished everything except for going to watch another sunset and we only missed that because it was cloudy every night at that time (we'll get it in Livingstone).  Our final weekend was definitely a perfect ending to our trip.  We went to the community health worker graduation on Friday afternoon- which was excellent.  They were so excited to be finished and there was really good snacks!  Friday night we had a BBQ at our house, a retirement party for Fay.  The people here make heating coals look really easy but it took us an hour to get all of them hot enough to cook.  It was really cool because all of us wore our Shenyangs (fabric skirts however it may be spelled) they looked cute but were hard to dance in (not enough leg room!).  I think the best part of the evening was when we gave one of our guests a bicycle.  I have never seen anyone so happy- the picture we got of him on the bike should an add for the bike company- I don't think they could ever find anyone else who looks that excited to be on the "Zambike."
Saturday morning we went to the markets and searched high and low for cow bone bracelets it took us three different markets- but eventually we all found one!  Later some of us went to Limulunga and hiked a "mountain" (definitely not like the mountains at home).  It was a beautiful view of the town and flood plains- some of us even did yoga poses on the cement pole located at the top of the mountain.  It was the only night that the power was out past 730 at night so we were all cooking with our headlamps on.  I wish there was some good pictures of it- but everyone's cameras were so good that it looked like the lights were on.  We then went to Oasis for a dance party- we almost should have just stayed and danced at home because we took up most of the dance floor but it was good to get out.  Being at the bars here is almost like being at the bars at home- they both have women hiding smoking in the bathrooms- fights- street meat- and people buying you drinks (except here they ask to buy you a drink and take your money and get it!).  Sunday we went to one of the local orphanages for a few hours and played with the kids.  It was really fun- but I had forgotten how exhausting it is to play with a large group of kids!
Just a heads up- I have been using hyphens as comas throughout this blog because the coma key does not work (just a little taste of Africa).
Talk to you soon!

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