Tuesday, March 19, 2013

New Meaning of Exercise

I think everyone can agree that keeping an exercise routine can be difficult at times, especially while in Africa. I had a very hard time getting myself motivated to go for a run... How could anyone want to sweat more than they already do here,or risk getting more dehydrated? It may seem crazy but let me tell you, now that I have started, I do not plan to stop. I have never experienced anything more freeing in my life. Imagine a long stretch of road as far as the eye can see and the most beautiful sunset you have ever laid eyes on. Imagine families gathered on the side of the road cooking dinner while you stride past, or 30 school uniform clad children running with you and asking to be your friend. You feel safe, like you are a welcomed part of their community. Much like being surrounded by friends and family. Not to mention the ease of tension and stress released with each step you take, which is extremely welcomed after a long, emotion filled day at the hospital. It's almost like you are part of your very own Nike commercial....Nothing feels better than a Mongu run.

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