Saturday, March 16, 2013

First week glance into Lewanika hospital!

We have finished our first week in clinical here in Mongu! We had 4 clinical days on all different units. 

Jenni worked on the all makes unit.  It was quite the experience as many of the patients are very sick! It has been interesting to see the difference in diseases between here and home.. Lots of malaria, tb, HIV and the complications that go along with those diseases.  So far it has provided many great learning opportunities and been insightful especially regarding patient care. 

Tracy worked on the pediatrics unit! This unit was filled with children facing all types of health issues. The health issues ranged from malaria to TB to fractures to burns. But kids never fail to amaze me. No matter what the disease or health challenge, every child was able to smile. I brought coloring books and crayons and stickers and the children absolutely loved them. I'm sad to leave this unit but hopefully I'll be back on it before I leave Mongu. 

So far we have really enjoyed Africa. The scenery is not what we expected. The trees and grass are all green and we can definitely get used to the constant warmth and sunshine. 

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