Monday, March 11, 2013

Helloooo Mongu!!!

We have finally arrived at our destination in Mongu, Zambia after a very interesting, sweaty,  and stinky eight and a half hour bus ride! Along the way we stopped to pee in a hole in the ground and shared a bunch of little bananas while driving through Kafue National Park. The scenery is amazing it is very beautiful here in Africa, and it is so neat to see the little huts and people on the side of the road. 

Our residence is a wonderful little place right by the beautiful flood plains. We have been so welcomed by everyone in Lusaka and Mongu and I am so excited to meet the locals here in Mongu. The African lifestyle is so unique as everyone seems so laid back and the rules are very relaxed. It is quite easy to lose track of time here, but it is very nice to not be in such a rush!

We had the opportunity to visit the Lusaka teaching hospital before our departure to Mongu which was quite a culture shock. It is similar to what we see on tv and in text books; however, it is so much more real and shocking to be there and see it up close and personal. It is so different from our world back home in Canada and very hard to imagine that the people here live the way they do. My heart aches to see such sick and malnourished little children. I cannot wait to work with the nurses here in Mongu and to become more familiar with their culture!


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