Sunday, March 7, 2010

Things That Go Bump in the Night...or any other time!

·Small tree frogs with tiny delicate fingers and suction cup pads that sneak through doors and windows and cause screaming and shuffling and the call for gloves and a little help from friends.

·Thunderous, rolling, bed shaking claps of thunder that cause sitting straight up in bed, bewildered and shaking

·Large clicking beetles that look like they could carry a small child on their back( see small tree frogs for reaction)

·Barking dogs ...the guard tells us that all Mongu dogs are in heat at the moment. And apparently ours are no exception. I do think they are related, so we are slightly disapproving.

·Small and not so small flying ants that come like a plague of locus and disappear as quickly( see frogs for general reaction)

·Thumps of people jumping on furniture when any of the above happens!

·Shrieks of laughter when any of above occurs.

·Honking of horns when the bus, taxi, min bus arrives at the gate

·Sweet reedy singing voice of Mobebo, our guard as he works in the porch.

·Wailing of the women who are burying their dead

·The call of a wayward rooster who obviously does not wear a watch.

·Distant drumming

·Sunday morning praise singing

·Curses from those of us who try to exit our bed whilst becoming entangled in the mosquito net.

So it goes in Zambia. Hope all of you are sleeping well. Love to all and to all a good night,


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