Sunday, March 7, 2010

It is Almost Time to Leave Mongu

It is almost time to leave Mongu and as always it is busy. So many hands to shake, thank you to give, so many see you laters.

I am going to continue my very excellent adventure in Livingstone and maybe Botswana, and so I will not blog further.

I want you all to know that we all have struggled to deal with this experience. We have had ups and downs, laughs and tears, homesickness and moments of joy and I think none of us regrets any of it. These are some very fine women, and those of you who love them should be so proud of them. The hospital will miss the smiles, the questions, the laughter and the energy. I am so privileged to be part of this experience and I thank all of them for teaching me things I needed to learn.
I have one last picture that stays with me at the moment.

A baby on the back. I sit beside them and watch her expertly tuck the holding cloth around the baby as she switches him to the front and closes his jacket. She unconsciously sways as she switches him mothers all over the world, a gentle shifting back and forth. She watches the children swinging, playing soccer and shrieking with laughter as they play with the nursing students. I offer to hold the baby, but he is shy and draws closer to her. She switches him around again and wipes his nose and tries to rock him to sleep. She expertly fixes him to her back and resumes rocking and watching. She smiles wistfully. She is 10.

Oh Africa, childhood can be short.

We are so privileged. Love to you all,


  1. Dear Fay: Thanks for all your "blogs". Fantastic job and a jolt for all us "whimpies here in this part of the world. Good Luck in all your adventures. Love to you all and my "Nannie Love to our Jessica" XXX OOOO

  2. Hi Fay - I think my other post was lost in cyber space -
    When are you in Botswana? Would love to see you if you get to Gaborone. Our hospital opening was delayed and we have been scrambling ever since, I am just now catching up with your blog and now everyone is already back home! It sounds like it was an amazing experience for everyone, and I hope I can plan ahead for joining you next year. email me at or