Sunday, March 7, 2010

African Skies

·Fire in the setting sun, reflected on the flood plain, reflected on the other side of the sky, pink on black towering clouds, changing to neon pink, then clouding over to deflect light on rain, no words, heart flowing through my eyes...Oh Africa, Oh Zambia

·Orion above us, in the wrong place, so bright he should be in a book on Orion, a friend from B.C. skies. A pathway of light so bright that it takes us a while to recognize the Milky Way.

·A blue sky that stretches to tomorrow with marshmallow clouds hanging around the bottom. Changing suddenly to grey and black, heavy with rain, then again to bright lightening that comes from everywhere.

I wish you all could see it in all its guises, a gift too wonderful to describe, it is a feeling not a sky,

Look up everyone,

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