Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Welcome to Zambia

Our arrival... after days, months and even years of anticipation we have finally made it to Zambia. Stepping off the plane was a surreal and exciting experience. The Zambian heat and humidity were in full force as soon as we stepped on Zambian soil. We were warmly welcomed by Fay and Jessica not long after we landed. The drive to our accomadations was interesting to say the least;)

We are staying at the University Teaching Hospital in Lusaka (the capital) and were given a grand tour by a third year nursing student. The environment and working conditions of the hospital have made us greatly appreciate our healthcare system and how lucky we are to have such amazing facilities. Despite the poor working conditions, the Zambian people have been exceedingly friendly and always have bright smiles to welcome us with.

We are staying in Lusaka for one more day and tomorrow we take a grand and prestigious bus ride to Mongu. Apparently, the journey will be comprised of 8 hours of bumpy roads, sweaty people, less than optimal toilets and a group of eager nurses.

So that's all for now, we'll keep you posted on our adventures throughout Zambia.

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  1. Hi! Real happy to know you made it to Africa safe and sound. Anxious to hear about your bus ride to Mongu. Sending Love!