Tuesday, February 2, 2010

We are not in Kansas anymore Dorothy:

Checking in with the heaviest bags BA has ever seen and having the audacity to ask them to waive the charge on our extra bags they told us that our second bags would cost $50.00 each. Finally, after much chatting they waived the fees and began weighing each bag in.
All bags open in front of various checkouts as we took this out of there and put that back. Finally, they charged us $120.00 and begged us to move on. Still took two of us to move Jess’s hockey bag that is half the size of New York.
All asleep as I strolled the plane somewhere over the Atlantic.
Tired but excited all but Jess and I caught the train to London. Talk of plays and sights.
Jess and Fay meet the Ghana group whose plane has been delayed. They look tired but undaunted. I just look tired.
We are off to Zambia with three seats each so sleep regenerates us.
Are met at Zambia’s airport by Benjamin and an experienced looking green Nissan. We pile our luggage (which seems to have reproduced) into the back and into the front, along with Jessica, myself and the driver. Jess is perched on the center and has to shift so Ben can! I feel obligated to hang on to the door as I have visions of Jess and I flinging out on to the street. AH yes, we are here.
Our driver is terrific and we accomplish our errands quickly.
It is green and lush; trees sporting their finest flowers and the crops are flourishing. The city is busy and Benjamin takes us safely to the Zambike farm where Jess and I will stay until the students arrive. Lovely big house and best of all a bed.
I am struck once again by the welcome from Zambians. Benjamin talks with us about his life and we about ours. He finds guidance in his life from his deep faith and can recite many verses from the bible, which he uses daily to guide all his decisions and make sense of his life. It is not something we are used to at home, but natural and comfortable here as is done without judgement or preaching.
I awoke to strange bird songs and the sound of a torrential rain storm. No we are not in Kansas anymore.



  1. I'm following with awe and envy, your Most Excellent Adventure. Wish I were there.

  2. So glad you made it mom!! Miss you! Chai is doing well! xoxox Ally

  3. You paint a beautiful picture Moma Fay ...wish I was there!Thanks for looking after all the goodies in the infamous hockey bag...it was packed with lots of TLC! Safe journey into Mongu...watch out for those car eating pot holes..think of me when you see the carmine bee eaters...and don't eat too much nshima. Cheers to you all with G & T's at happy hour...nothin' quite like it! DB


  5. Hi Lana, ( and all the girls)
    Be well, be safe and I too am in awe of your excellent adventure. Love and hugs
    Aunt Kathy xxoo
    Take care of each other

  6. Dear Jessica and friends: Sounds like you are on your way to another adventure. We are checking the blog every morning so we can follow along. Take care in your travels. Welcome arms await you at the other end. Love from Nannie and Grandad XXX OOO