Thursday, April 23, 2015

She Was Only 6

This week I was caring for a girl, six years of age, suffering from meningitis. She had been transferred from a nearby hospital and her condition was so advanced by the time she reached us, it was not likely she would live through the night. We didn't even get a proper chance to save her and yet we tried so hard.

As nurses, some cases hit you harder than others and the reasons are not always explainable, or clear. This was one such case for me. 

So I wrote this piece to help me find closure with her passing.

She was only 6,
And she had already endured so much,
A disease ravage her mind and body.

She was only 6,
And her siblings will never hear her laugh again,
Cry again.

She was only 6,
And her mom will have to go on surviving,
Go home and take care of her four other children.

She was only 6,
And she wasn't conscious enough to hear my words of comfort,
She wasn't conscious enough to know how much I cared,
How much we all wanted her to live.

She was only 6,
And I wasn't ready to let her go,
I hadn't done enough,
I had just learned how to do this!
She was taken.

She was only 6,
And God thrust this evil upon her little soul.


God also blessed her with a loving mother.

She was only 6,
But I didn't need to speak to her family to know how much my patient was loved.

She was only 6,
But she blessed her siblings with 6 years of her pure spirit,
More than many other families are afforded.

She was only 6,
But I hope she felt the love flowing over her,
The soothing words,
The comforting embraces.

She was only 6,
But she left this world with the most important people right beside her,
Loving her.

She was only 6,
But her little life was not in vain,
I will never let that happen.

She was only 6,
But now her body is at peace,
Her chest no longer grunting with effort to breathe,
Her eyes no longer staring, unfocused,
Her skin no longer burning with fever,
No more struggle.
Just stillness.
Given to us to pick up our pieces, silently, and move on.

She is in good hands.

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