Sunday, March 16, 2014

We arrived in Mongu!


So, we made it! After much a ca-fu-full at the Lusaka bus station, we loaded the bus with our ++luggage and set off on our journey to Mongu! The bus ride was not without nausea, dehydration and sweat! After 8 hours we made it and we were all excited to be here. We love the sunsets! We are slight celebrities traveling in our car convoys wherever we go... Ma-koo-wa! Ma-koo-wa! (This means which people in Lozi). The hospital was a lot different than all of us are used to, which is going to be interesting to see how everyone's first week will be. Little supplies and a lotttt of people! All of the workers seemed to be amazing, which we all know from our Canadian experience, is key to a good day on the ward. Robyn and I (Aryn) are heading off to Save a Life Center tonight! Take a peak on google if you have a minute! We're both pretty excited to spend the week there together and learn about malnutrition and how the clinic at the center works. The rest of the girls will be at different places in the hospital ie. ART clinic (HIV clinic), maternity, women's ward, pediatrics and the OPD (emergency). We are all a bit anxious, as to be expected. But one thing I think we have all already learned is that we are all here for each other. We truly have an amazing group of girls here in Zambia and I couldn't be more happy to spend the next many weeks with these ladies!

Gotta go though! Just wanted all our families and friends to know we're safe and trying to get suntanned...!


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