Sunday, April 20, 2014

Short and Sweet in Sefula

     Working at the Sefula Health Center was a great way to end our clinical experience. Unfortunately we only had three short days at the clinic due to a house illness (we will spare you the details), but our impression was that this clinic was clean, well run, and progressive. We had the opportunity to sit in on antinatal assessments, assist in the outpatient department as well as inpatient wards. Although this rural clinic was lacking in tangible resources such as running water, functioning blood pressure machines, and other things we take for granted, they did have educational and decision making tools posted on every available wall. We also found the staff to be the greatest asset to this facility with their diligent work ethic and effective communication. In particular, they were caring, and attentive to their patients, and focused on health promotion as well as acute care. One of the clinics largest services is its Maternal Child Health Department (MCH), each day a different public health topic was covered by an MCH educated staff member. We thought this was an important area of focus as maternal- child illness is so prevalent in this area of the world. By educating the mothers, Sefula is helping to build a stronger, healthier community. We really appreciated this experience as our final rotation and we are hopeful that this clinic can be a role model to others.

-Darien and Caitlin

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