Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Half Way

I can hardly believe that we are more than half way through our trip..!..? Seriously where has the time gone? Well actually that is a silly question considering how much we have done while we have been here, but it still feels like things are moving too fast!

Since we arrived in Mogu, I have worked on the Male Medical/surgical ward, gone on safari, worked in the Intensive Care unit, toured the little Zambezi, celebrated many a birthday, and worked on the children's ward. We have explored the green market, the black market ( don't worry mom not what your thinking. I still have both my kidneys ;) and countless other small shops along the way.

In a sense, the newness of Zambia has begun to wear off. However it comes and goes in waves. At one moment I feel comfortable and the next some unusual situation comes up and smacks me in the face. As if to say, 'Hey! Don't forget where you are now!'. In a sense it is easier and harder in the same space. The newness and beauty has worn off a bit, the excitement about being in Africa. Then the reality sinks in about the world around you and the place we are living. Its not all sparkly and amazing. Sometimes being spotted from a distance as the 'makua' from Canada is exhausting. When you've had a hard day and you just want to be annonymous for a bit... ya.. good luck with that one. Holding it together sometimes is harder. Then again you arent able to dwell on things in the same way, and sometimes that's a blessing.

Really I can't explain what it is like to be here anymore. So I think I am going to stop trying. The reality is that my mind is working so hard to explain the everyday here. The medical world, the poverty, the politics. Sometimes My theories have changed, my thoughts switched directions before they even have a chance to leave my lips, before the sentence is typed, or written. And the truth is everything comes out more dramatic, or less than it is. And talk just begins to feel cheep.
Its easier than we make it out to be, but its harder than we let ourselves believe.
However, for some reason I am compelled all the time to try to explain away the things before my eyes, and I don't think I am alone in that sentiment. No one can really find the answers, but for some reason every once in a while we get caught up in trying.

So Ill stop talking now! Stop contradicting myself over and over, and maybe share some things worth more than words, which I know you have all been waiting for...

Here is a photo from the boat ride on the little zambezi!

Here is one of some of the girls on the boat

and here is a photo of the safari's resident hippo cuddling with a boat;)

and the children who chased us along the river bank as our boat pulled out on the little Zambezi:

Missing everyone at home! Love always,
Jess (L)

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